KMV Asia CEO at American Association of the Philippines

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Architect Kaydee Marie Velasco, a world-class Filipina, of KMV Asia Development Corporation, is part of the board of directors under one of the oldest American Organisation in the Philippines. The American Association of the Philippines is celebrating its 73rd Anniversary this May 22, 2021 with a George Washington Ball.
American Association of the Philippines elected Architect Kaydee Velasco for her valuable support and dedication to the organisation and because of her passion in helping the community and indigents. Her colleagues know her to be a young-thought leader on sustainability in real estate and development.
Under the group is KMVAsia, specialists on pocket developments in the Metro. She specializes in creating thoughtful, strategic and expert solutions for a multitude of urban industries including construction, architecture, and design – creating a diverse, learned assessment on real estate. For more details, visit

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