Unleash Your Kid’s Creativity with 4DPocket Toys


Unleash Your Kid’s Creativity with 4DPocket Toys

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I was once a pre-school teacher and part of our curriculum then integrates fun and play. I still remember my former professor in college once said: every kid should be given toys or recreational activities that are educational. So yeah, having kids ride in a carousel or motorized vehicles operated by coins (like those in malls) give them very little benefits. Play should be opportunity for them to develop and hone new skills. So back when I was still teaching kids below 6 years, I make sure they have great appreciation for books. Our usual Fridays include show and tell of their well loved musical instruments, favorite pets, stuffed animals and even movies.
I’m also a ‘tito’ to a 4 year old niece. And while I’m not particularly as indulgent as my other siblings in giving her toys, I make sure she receives something that will really spark her interest even at a young age.
Just recently, I got introduced to 4DPocket Toys. Currently, they’re selling ‘My House’ and ‘The Kitchen’ made from sturdy card boards. I think it’s a great gift one can give for a child. It’s not made from plastic. We’re at a time when we should be highly considering sustainable materials- and that includes toys for kids too.

4DPocket Toys are designed in Japan and made in the Philippines. The designs are carefully thought of and from the genius mind of Mr. Eiichiro Nonomiya.
What’s great about the Play House and the Kitchen is that it can be a significant bonding time for parents and their kids assembling it. It is also delivered ‘undesigned’ and it can be an appreciable opportunity for kids to unleash their creativity and spark their imagination. Assembling it is also like doing a puzzle so it also encourage problem-solving. Once up, I’m pretty sure any kid will not leave it because of its play value.

The toys are also collapsible so even if you’re going on a trip and your kid insists you bring their play house, it is very manageable. It may be made from card board but is from solid and sturdy material.

During the time we were being introduced to these toys, we seated and dined at these tables and chairs- and it is the same material used for the play house and kitchen. I was amazed to know that it is still in good shape and form after many years!

The Kitchen is priced at P2,299 and My House is at P2,499. Those are what’s currently available but expect more designs soon.


4DPocket is a privately-owned business organization dealing with manufacturing, design planning and trading of goods. It was born from the ideal of a clean, healthy Philippine society burgeoning with new concepts, where the creative is in perfect harmony with innovation and children are given the chance to explore the impossible.
As a family-owned business enterprise, 4DPocket, Inc. answers to the needs and wants of people from all walks of life regardless of age and orientation.
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