DOTR: Limited Transpo During MECQ

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NCR, Laguna and Cebu City will be under MECQ (modified enhanced community quarantine) from May 16- 31 as they are considered ‘high-risk areas’.
If your residence is under MECQ, here are the public and private transports that are ALLOWED and NOT ALLOWED to operate based on the guidelines of the Department of Transportation.
For public transport, public shuttles will be allowed for frontline workers or those who will return to work in allowed industries under the MECQ, while bus, jeepney, taxi, TNVS, are not allowed. Tricycles are also not allowed, but with exceptions, subject to the guidelines set by the DILG and respective LGUs.
Under the rail sector, operations of the PNR, LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3 will remain suspended.
For private transport, company shuttle is allowed to operate with passenger capacity of 50%, and a special permit from LTFRB for rented shuttles.
Personal vehicles owned by persons/workers in permitted sectors are also allowed, with two (2) persons per row.
Further, use of bicycle, motorcycle, or e-scooter is also allowed, with a maximum passenger capacity of one (1). Moreover, e-scooters are allowed, subject to existing traffic regulations.
In addition to these protocols for areas under MECQ, there will be no domestic flights except for limited international flights. Inbound travel will be controlled. Only overseas Filipino workers and returning Filipinos will be allowed. Biking and non-motorized transport are encouraged, and there will still be no inter-island travel. SOURCE

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